Comox Valley Hot Water Heaters

Do you know all your options for hot water heaters in Courtenay or in Comox? There are a wide range of types and options that are available to you. Depending on the size of your family, it may be wise to expand your search of hot water heaters beyond the standard types.

For example, there are hot water heater hybrids on the market that can handle both gas heat and electric heat coils. These types are a little pricy to initially install but they need very little maintenance and can lower your energy bills significantly. Not only do they use the heat from the air to control water temperature, but they also can switch from gas to electric and back again. This means that should there be a situation where your electricity is not working, you still have gas to heat up your water. You also have the option of turning off your gas and switching it to electric.

Solar water heaters have become increasingly popular in recent years. Where they used to only be for small homes, they have now grown into handy appliances for all homes. They are not budget friendly at first, but once they are installed they can drastically lower your energy bills. Solar water heaters come in two pieces. One of which, is the coil in which the water passed through to be heated before going into a storage tank.

Instahots, or tankless waterheaters, are becoming increasingly common. The only heat water up as needed. The problem with them is that they do struggle to keep up with a large family. They are usually budget friendly as well as completely capable of lowering your energy bill by up to 20%.

To understand all your options, you need to contact a local contractor in the Courtenay or Comox area. They will be able to help you understand what your family needs and show you how to reach your needs while staying within budget.