Comox and Courtenay Hot Water Heaters

hot-water-heaterHeating the water in your home is no longer just a want, it is now a need. You simply cannot get by without a hot water heater these days. Even if you go for living off the grid, you have to find a way to heat water to clean your dishes, clothes, and food. So, now you know you need it, how are you going to do it? There are several ways to heat your water. Explore a couple now.

  • Standard type

The basic standard hot water heaters are usually pretty cheap. They will hold 20 – 80 gallons of water at a time. They are not usually very budget friendly in the long run, most of them have a life span of only about 5 years before you have to get repairs done or replace them all together.

  • Hybrid Heaters

The hybrid heaters are set up to run on both gas and electric. They are energy friendly because they can pull the heat out of the surrounding air to heat the water that is inside. They will fit into most budgets, but they will cost a little more than your standard heater. They have a longer life span of about 8 years.

  • Solar Water Heater

A solar water heater can last you up to 20 years. They come in two different components. The storage tanks and the heat coils. The biggest downside of a solar water heater is that is going to set your budget back quite a bit. Probably about as much as it would to buy a new car.

When you are going to purchase your water heater, make sure that you understand what kind of warranty that you have. In order to get the best deal, go local. There are many reliable plumbers that can help you get started in Courtenay, BC.