Radiant Heating

The ability to step out of bed on a cold winter morning onto a nice warm floor is a technology that has been around for years. It is an effective way to heat your home from the ground up, much more effective than having vents in the ceiling, since heat rises. The benefits go beyond not having to slip on house shoes to keep your toes from freezing. You have more flexibility with radiant heating because you do not have to worry about accidently covering the vents with furniture or toys. You also do not have to worry about placing anything to close to the heat source, which could create a fire hazard. They also have less of an impact on your energy bill because they use hot water so that very little electricity is needed.

There are downsides to radiant heat that you need to be aware of also. The radiant heat system is just for heat, which means you have to have a whole separate system in order to keep your house cool. It can also be very expensive to install. There are few contractors that have experience with installing radiant heat systems, so it will not be easy to find a contractor.

Once you take into consideration the cost of the system, you may find that the benefits will out weigh the cost. It is an upgrade that you can make to raise the resale value of your home. It is a feature that you will use, probably year around because you will love it in the bathroom when stepping out of the shower.

There are contractors that can install them at a reasonable price. The contractor that you find should also be able to maintain it as needed. Radiant heat systems are not for everyone, but the ones that have invested in them tend to love them.

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