The decision to go tankless definitely seems like an easy choice. Not only do they take up less room, but they are also energy efficient.The money you save in repairs easily justifies the amount you spend on the initial install. You add that to the fact that if you do have a bust you are not going to have water everywhere, and you can instantly understand why so many people are making the switch.

There are many different types of tankless units. Depending on your home, you may need one large unit in the basement or several units placed right where you are going to use them.

For example, if you have a guest bathroom that rarely gets used you could place a small unit under the bathroom sink that will heat just that bathrooms needs. You could also get one for just the dishwasher. The ability to do this gives the homeowner, you, the advantage of not heating water that is not needed. This is one way that you lower your energy costs. You also ensure that you always have hot water for your guests or to do dishes.

The size options are flexible enough that you can choose to get one for each floor of your home. The choice would depend on how many people you have in your home and how often you are heating water.

If you are unsure about the size you need or your options is tankless water heaters, you should contact a plumber in your area. Not only can they explain your options to you, but they can explain in depth why each option has advantages. Never take a cold shower again, invest in a tankless heater and always have hot water at the turn of the faucet.